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 Go Strapless
 …it’s all about comfort
If you're like most people who wear kneepads for work or at home, you probably have multiple sets collecting dust in the shop.  That's because your latest purchase just didn't quite cut the mustard in the comfort zone; and after all, when it comes to kneepads, it's all about comfort.  It's time to Go Strapless.
The Next Generation in Knee Protection
Rugged Skid Pad
Flexible Waterproof Outer Shell
Innovative 2 Point Clip-On Design
Clips Integrated into Shell for
Superior Ergonomic Comfort
Attach Below the Knee for Ultimate Comfort
    while Kneeling - Standing - Walking
Teeth won't damage clothes
Securely grips work pants
Suggested Retail Price: $49.99
Flooring - Carpeting - Automotive - Construction - Tiling - Painting - Landscaping - Gardening - Do it Yourselfers - Carpenters - Electricians - Laborers - Plumbers - Handymen - Excavation Crews - Masonry - Maintenance - Utility Workers - and Much More
Great For:
Warning: The manufacturer does not take any responsibility for misuse and/or improper use of this product. In any case the user bears full responsibility and risk.
• Best used with loose fitting trousers.
• Not for use on extreme inclines.
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Put your WurkPads on Right 

Skan Technologies, LLC, an innovator in product development, addressed the problem of discomfort typical in other kneepads when we designed the WurkPad strapless knee pad.  The rugged clip-on design integrated into the shell of the product is why these knee pads work… and they work very well.  If you have not already, read the reviews.  People love these pads. Some people may think that pants that have slots for knee pads or pants knee pads are a viable alternative, and they are, if you don’t mind wearing tattered pants.  You see Wurkpads protect your clothing as well as your knees so you don’t have to keep replacing your pants. Wurk pads are great construction knee pads. Tradesmen love these knee pads for flooring.  But they are highly popular with the gardening crowd as well.  A garden knee pad should be comfortable while kneeling as well as standing and walking.  WurkPad clip-on knee pads do the job and the gardener doesn’t have to tote around  a kneeling pad or garden kneeler.  Gel knee pads are great but none have addressed the strap bind issue, an issue with all safety knee pads in the industrial knee pad market.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) should be worn whenever a worker is in a potentially hazardous situation and comfortable knee pads are a must if the worker is going to use safety equipment.  Work kneepads are an important type of construction gear and should be used at every jobsite.

The Wurkpad Strapless knee pad is a great work knee pad and is useful in nontraditional applications due to its all day comfort and lack of annoyance so typical of the standard.  Let us consider Archaeologist equipment.  Most do not wear knee pads but they are starting to add the WurkPad to archaeologist gear lists when they are discovered.  How about Grips and photographers who either kneel on occasion or for prolonged periods.  They are now adding the WurkPad to their arsenal of grip gear and photographer knee pads are a must for many now.  If you made it through this dissertation and still are on the fence, read the reviews because your quest is over.  WurkPads are the holy grail of knee pads.


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