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WurkPad animation knee pads
Patent # 7950067
   A New Generation in Knee Protection
WurkPad registered trademark knee pads
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Skan Technologies developed Strapless knee pads to decrease the discomfort typical in other kneepads.  The WurkPad knee pad has a rugged clip-on design like no other kneepad on the market.  These knee pads work, and they work well.  They are a great garden knee pad as well as great knee pads for flooring.  Clip-on knee pads are as comfortable as a kneeling pad or garden kneeler and since there is no strap to bind, you can wear them all day comfortably.  Wurkpads are better than pants knee pads because they not only protect your knees, but also protect your pants from becoming tattered at the knee.  Wurk pads are great construction knee pads but are also great archaeologist gear and should be on the list as archaeologist equipment since they can be worn all day. Gel knee pads are great but none have addressed the strap bind issue which is an issue with all safety knee pads in the industrial knee pad market. Personal Protective Equipment, or PPE, should be comfortable and comfortable knee pads are a must if the worker is going to use safety equipment.  Work kneepads are important construction gear and should be designed for all day use.  The WurkPad Strapless knee pad is a great work knee pad and should be included as part of the Grip Gear arsenal but one should not overlook the niche use areas like photographer knee pads.  The overwhelming conclusion from users is that the WurkPad Strapless knee pad is great knee pro.

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